Still Impossible to Easily, Privately Share Online

A photo album ready in Apple Photos. Now I want to share it with my parents in Belgium and my wife’s family in Poland. How? It is impossible. There is no way to do it in Apple Photos unless you want to expose your photos to a 3rd party.

Opening XCode I started out creating my own Share Extension. At first, simply adding it to Photos is no issue. Showing the number of items selected to share, no problem. Getting the user pictures directory: crashes the extension with some assembler debugging (got to love the XCode debugger).

I gave up and looked for Share Extensions. All of them where to upload to some freaking “social” networking website.

Here I am, again trying to get it going with a Apple Photos export, and make it happen with some static photo albums and trying to get it password protected.

We are 2015, all the billion of dollars wasted, and something as simple as sharing with family is.. incomprehensibly difficult.


Can you not use ownCloud?
I do have an ownCloud setup syncing on 4 operating systems. However, it is not easy or possible to simply share albums with users without giving them an account which also allows them to upload. For simply showing pictures that needs authentication, ownCloud would work, but it is still complicated for none tech savvy folks.