View on 2016

I consider myself a realistic optimist, but I see 2016 and future through the eyes of a pessimist.

I believe we have failed this world, this planet, our only home, and we will soon face the consequences. No, not only our politicians have failed. We all. We all have failed into realizing that we should keep it clean. As long as most people think “global warming will solve it self”, no climate agreement will work out. Protests against these politicians are fine, but unless we change the minds of our youth and people who don’t give a damn, we are screwed.

The violence and terror is something that moves and bothers me. However, this has been a cancer in humanity since we found out we can hit each other or other animals with a stick. Nothing really new, except that with more than 7 billion people around, it gets crowded. Long have we evolved over Darwin’s “survival of the fittest”. Now we survive as long as our neighbor is not a sick, idiotic arsehole.

For 2016 I hope people will put there energy where it matters. I will try my best, and if everyone at least tries, and knows they have too, our future generations, my son, might make it.