Bulgarian Wine!

Look. I got 2 bottles from my boss aka group manager aka friend and he happens to be Bulgarian. Alexander visited me last week, spend the night and got me two bottles of wine with him!

The only thing I can read on the label is 2002, 12.5% and 750ml. Now, to me at means about 3 years ago, reasonable and to less. The opening of the bottle was hard, and authentic like it should be with good wines.

I’m not really into wines like some people are. I usually know when a wine is good enough to drink, enjoy it on my own or in company and drink it!

The first taste was like port, but I guess I was not used to wine anymore. So now I’m hooked again and I still have half the bottle to go and another waiting. Thanks Alexander for giving me the taste back.. but now I have to go to Bulgaria to get some more..

Well, I don’t mind!