Flame fests on Slashdot, sick..

All these things happening around MySQL AB brings attention to it, and discussions are great! But when some people just use the occasion to express their hate against MySQL and dictate other users to use alternatives.. Sickens me.

I think most people just swallow what media is feeding them, or what there dog barks. Most posts on Slashdot about the dual license for example or even MySQL not being GPL (lol??), are just ridiculous. If you try to point them out and tell them the truth, they just keep being stupid and stubborn.

And all these things around the SCO partnership stuff.. Keep it on Groklaw, which probably gets paid and is getting rich just by flaming and spitting on the world. It was fun, now just stop! EnterpriseDB has a similar partnership, but I guess everyone shuts up about it because..? Talking about hypocrites.

Good there are people posting stuff that makes sense. Thanks for that!