MySQL 5.0: readying the future

A couple of weeks ago, MySQL 5.0 was released. It got lots of attention from the press out there, but the black shadows regarding the Oracle move still linger. But MySQL is getting stronger!

Now that MySQL 5.0 is released, lots of missing features users (we) were complaining about were added. Though, me personally I didn’t miss them at all. We learned to live without it, we programmed around..

Stored procedures, views, triggers, etc..: all sweetness. The optimizer enhancements got less attention but are as important as the more common stuff. You better check for yourself what was added. Some people might complain that it was added a little bit to late.. for them.

Yes, there are still bugs and they are getting fixed, documented and most importantly acknowledged. You can see them all on

Now work is put in version 5.1 so it gets released soon, well faster than 5.0! More features will be added, though less than 5.0.