Today I tried again to find some solution to get my appointments organized. I bought a Palm T|X begin July hoping it will help me: it did not.

I have 2 Mac’s. I use iCal right now to keep some order in my hectic, lazy life. iCal on itself is probably the best tool around because it is S.I.M.P.L.E.! Damn! I tried Now Up-To-Date, Daylight and Palm OS Desktop. Try to make an event spanning days in both. Try to configure it: billions of opinions! Try to get the AM/PM out of the way in those!

The reason why I started to look around again is because the sync from my Palm with my iCal put everything in the Unfiled category on my iMac. Yeah, it screwed it up.. But I go back to iCal now and cool down.

Is any company out there trying to make actually a kickass calendar application? A personal organizer which actually is easy to use like iCal but with a little bit more features?

Getting so angry about big, rich companies making online stuff when I can’t even find a stupid little application which gets me organized and sync’s with my Palm. Why do we need to ‘share’? Why do we need to let Google, Apple, Yahoo! know what hour we have to be at the dentist? Why????

Think I’ll go buy a paper agenda and a pen… Or if anyone has an idea about something that works on Mac with Palm syncing (mind the word ‘works’).