Yesterday I moved around Santa Clara, San Jose and Cupertino using the light train (tram) and busses. Public transportation is actually very nice around here. For $5 you can take a Day Pass which moves you around ‘the valley’ on the VTA transporation network. Funny: most people thank the bus driver when they get off, just like in a taxi.

Something I’ve been struggling with in Orlando was also bugging me again here in California. Sometimes you walk along a road and suddenly the sidewalk stops. What you do then? I had to walk in the bushes as crossing the road wouldn’t help. On the other side of the road it was even worse to walk. Also, there were rails I had to cross, which is not as dangerous as all the cars driving by, but still.

There was this sign “Share the road” which tells automobilists and cyclists to play nice. It didn’t say pedestrians were allowed, neither did it disallow walking. You’re on your own I guess.

A heron actually took the sharing literally and it was standing on the tram’s rails.