MySQL Connector/Python on GitHub

Last week we released Connector/Python v2.0 (alpha); today we publish the source on GitHub. Yes, we are using Git internally and are now able to push it out on each release. Previous versions are still available through LaunchPad.

Here is the full process to get Connector/Python installed in a virtual environment. You’ll need Git installed of course.

$ git clone cpy
$ virtualenv ENVCPY
$ source ENVCPY/bin/activate
(ENVCPY)$ cd cpy
(ENVCPY)$ python install
(ENVCPY)$ python
>>> import mysql.connector
>>> mysql.connector.__version__

Please report issues and feature request through the MySQL Bugs System.


Chris 'Kwpolska' Warrick
Use pip install ., or — better yet — pip install -e . instead of
Daniël van Eeden
Very nice!

Maybe the summary should be shortened a bit as it doesn’t seem to fit.

Maybe use (github flavoured) markdown or restructed text for better layout of the readme?

Please add a link to to the readme.

Geert Vanderkelen
The readme should be reStructuredText, unless I’m doing something wrong there.. The content is pretty much fixed, I can’t change to much or add.

I thought the summary was changed though.. but bit to much happening right now. (Sorry for the late reply.)

Daniël van Eeden
I’ve submitted a pull request. (I’ve signed the SCA/OCA) The filename of the readme should be changed from README.txt to README.rst Maybe you can add the bugreport URL? or is the content of the file completely generated/fixed? The len(summary) > 350, it should be less than 350 to be visible. There is a URL in the summary, but there is a different field in github for that.

(Looks like OpenID authentication with 2FA is broken on your blog) (Should the comments be published to planet mysql?)

Geert Vanderkelen
@Daniël: my blog installation has issues and I’m trying to solve it.. I think I need to reboot my WP installation. The comments should now be gone.

The .txt is important because it unifies the name between different types of distributions. It makes it easier to package, change content in some packages and it’s more universal and understod. “.rst” is not.

Would be better for GitHub to have a switch saying which kind of content and which file to show.

[Update] (Ok, really having issues with my blog.. :() I’m investigating GitHub Pages.