Back on the Blog

I am not really somebody who is blogging a lot, but I should. Add to that that my server(s) had a few issue and then I had Wordpress problems.. “Static! I am going Static!”, that was my last-month-idea. But I’m still on Wordpress, and yes, it does work well in the end. Just can’t find a good theme..

Connector/Python 2.1 with C Extension using Connector/C

In time for Oracle OpenWorld 2014, we released Connector/Python 2.0. We also released a labs release Connector/Python 2.1 and we have a new feature: a C Extension which uses Connector/C. This C Extension is an optional, an alternative to the pure Python MySQL Client protocol implementation. One of the reasons to implement it was to improve performance in some situations, for example, when huge result sets are returned. Pure Python is still default, if C Extension is not available.