Achtung Baby, the band

I’ve never been to a concert of U2, but I came close to it yesterday. Here in Aschaffenburg (where I currently live) the cover band Achtung Baby was giving a Gig in Colos-Saal and it was really good! Ok, there’s nothing better than the real thing, but if you can see for 9 EUR a good cover band, it comes close. The crowed were definitely U2 fans, most songs everyone was singing along and sometimes they even continued after the band stopped.

iPod and automatically update = CRAP!

This happened to me before, and it happened again after I tried to make it not happen. So if anyone knows how to make it happen, without happening.. let me know.. “WHAT???” Read on.. Well.. if you own two Macs like me, and you put your music on a iMac G5 (main machine), upload it to your iPod, travel with your PowerBook and connect your iPod to your PowerBook + iTunes = you’re screwed.

My new guitar named Danni

Today I bought a new guitar after torturing me for some years whether I should start over again or not. My first guitar broke like 10 years ago. So, today I picked up learning it again. It bleeds my fingers, but eases my mind.. As far as I understood (I’m still learning!) this is a Western guitar, meaning the strings are all from metal. It has also a different sound from the Spanish guitars.

Visiting Stockholm, SE

I’m since Wednesday in Stockholm, Sweden, where I’m attending meetings with our cluster team. It’s work, but I it’s also a great opportunity to experience Sweden and Stockholm in particular. It is my first time in Scandinavia, and first time I actually crossed a (small) sea! It’s all great till now and I really like it here. And unlike the things I heard years ago, Sweden is not that expensive anymore.


I just tasted šljivovica (slivovitz). It’s the national drink of Serbia and I got it presented by the boss of my hotel in Stockholm. We had a shot, together with a Serb, employee of the hotel, with whom I went out with yesterday. šljivovica is made of plums. As I understood it, they made it themselves.