Bulgarian Wine!

Look. I got 2 bottles from my boss aka group manager aka friend and he happens to be Bulgarian. Alexander visited me last week, spend the night and got me two bottles of wine with him! The only thing I can read on the label is 2002, 12.5% and 750ml. Now, to me at means about 3 years ago, reasonable and to less. The opening of the bottle was hard, and authentic like it should be with good wines.

Flame fests on Slashdot, sick..

All these things happening around MySQL AB brings attention to it, and discussions are great! But when some people just use the occasion to express their hate against MySQL and dictate other users to use alternatives.. Sickens me. I think most people just swallow what media is feeding them, or what there dog barks. Most posts on Slashdot about the dual license for example or even MySQL not being GPL (lol?

MySQL 5.0: readying the future

A couple of weeks ago, MySQL 5.0 was released. It got lots of attention from the press out there, but the black shadows regarding the Oracle move still linger. But MySQL is getting stronger! Now that MySQL 5.0 is released, lots of missing features users (we) were complaining about were added. Though, me personally I didn’t miss them at all. We learned to live without it, we programmed around.. Stored procedures, views, triggers, etc.

Visiting Utrecht, NL

I got the opportunity to travel for my job to Utrecht, The Netherlands. Almost two weeks, though I spend the weekend with my parents in Belgium. It had been good, learned lots about MySQL Cluster (which was the intention), visited the city and got stressed by bikes! My first day was weird. I do speak Dutch, but since I’m starting to learn German and speak/write/read lots of English, I’m starting to have problems when speaking my mother tongue.

MySQL 5.0 Release Candidate: Win a iPod Nano!

Last week MySQL 5.0.13 has been released. This is a ‘Release Candidate’, previously known as the ‘gamma release’. Download here! Version 5.0 adds lots of new ANSI SQL features, tools and extensions. So it is important to find issues and get feedback from users. MySQL AB even gives iPod Nanos away and passes to the upcoming MySQL User Conference. Check out the contest. Thanks!